Geforce GTX 550ti and older games

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Geforce GTX 550ti and older games

Postby buckeye » 2019-1-09 @ 21:41

Wanted to install this card in my XP rig to run Crysis better but not at the expense of breaking older 2002-2005 era games. Anyone have success doing something similar?
See my sig for current XP setup which uses a Geforce 7950 GT. Works great, just not at Crysis!
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Re: Geforce GTX 550ti and older games

Postby BinaryDemon » 2019-1-09 @ 22:45

It's been a few years since I tried, but my experience was on DX8 and older games the new geforce drivers would default to some hybrid hardware/software renderer. Nothing broke exactly, it just didnt look as good as it should have (maybe 16bit?) or run as fast as it should have.

My conclusion was for DX8 and less, 7950GT was king.
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Re: Geforce GTX 550ti and older games

Postby swaaye » 2019-1-10 @ 01:48

DirectX 10 and later cards dont properly dither at 16bit color depth so textures and blending look awful.

But that's really more DirectX 6 and older games. Games that don't support 32bit output. DirectX 8 stuff should be great as long as there aren't other compatibility poblems.

GF7 and Radeon X1000 are the end of the dithering line.
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