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Besiddes the 3dfx cards, i really like the look of the blue Hercules cards. I do have the Rage 128 Pro and the GF2MX, but Im looking for a complet list of all the blue Hercules cards out there. Does someone here on Vogons have a list? Thx.

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I really like them too, they simply look good!

Just type ''Hercules agp'' in google and look at the pictures, it gives you a lot of nice blue versions of hercules cards. Most common are the Kyro based cards (I also have 2 different versions of them) and the Geforce cards like the gf2 MX, GTS, PRO and Ultra but also the geforce 3 series had them. I only have the gf2 PRO.

But they also had a lot of blue ATi cards.

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yeah a ton of the GuilemotHercules cards were all cute blue PCBs and nice shiny blue heatsinks. Easily the whole 3d Prophet line. Shame their boxes and discs didn't carry the same blue motif and had to go with the STB3dfx inspired marketing approach. Certainly prettier than today's dual-slot fan boxes

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If you like blue cards in general, there's also a very uncommon Gigabyte brand Voodoo Banshee that has pretty nice looking blue PCB. Probably one of the first blue video cards.

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