Laptop GPU graphics history/timeline?

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Laptop GPU graphics history/timeline?

Postby mzry » 2019-2-09 @ 11:16

Hey guys,

I've been searching extensively to try and find examples of laptops circa 1998-2001 with graphics capable of basic OpenGL and Direct3D but can't really find anything, google is pretty much useless. Does anyone here have a link or some knowledge around this? Thanks
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Re: Laptop GPU graphics history/timeline?

Postby dr_st » 2019-2-09 @ 11:33

Try the following list from Notebookcheck: ... 130.0.html
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Re: Laptop GPU graphics history/timeline?

Postby Putas » 2019-2-09 @ 14:59

Where to start? Let's get Intel out of the way, in 2001 they had the i830MG integrating the i754 tech.
S3 Savage MX/IX laptops made it by the end of 1999.
Earlier option can be Trident Blade 3D laptops. Before that I cannot recall 3d chipsets with openGL drivers.
Update: perhaps Rage LT Pro would be the first. There's OpenGL even for Apple Powerbook.
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Re: Laptop GPU graphics history/timeline?

Postby keenmaster486 » 2019-2-09 @ 18:00

On laptops around the turn of the century I see a lot of ATI stuff, Rage Mobility or something. Some better than others.
I think most laptops around the mid to late 90's running Windows 95 or 98 would have something that at least claims to have 3D acceleration. It might work like crap but it would work... and your video RAM options would probably be much less than comparable desktops.

For example around 1999 a good desktop card would have had 16 or 32 MB of RAM. I think a laptop from the same era would typically have 4 or 8 MB.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
I flermmed the plootash just like you asked.
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Re: Laptop GPU graphics history/timeline?

Postby vlask » 2019-2-09 @ 22:18

Savage IX / MX - 1999 - OpenGL 1.1, SuperSavage ICX / MX - 2001
Nvidia GeForce 2 Go - 2001
Trident CyberBlade XP - 2000
Ati Rage Mobility - 1999 - OpenGL 1.1, Mobility Radeon - 2001

Btw: this kind of questions is why i added years to my history tree of cards.....easily visible all models from each year
PS: for reviews use google search, but switch for books.
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