Rendition Verite Cards?

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Rendition Verite Cards?

Postby chinny22 » 2019-2-09 @ 19:41

I'm interested in playing around with the Speedy3D and RRedline API's but struggling to find cards, anyone know of any others then I have below?

Verite 1000
Creative Labs 3D Blaster PCI
Sierra Screamin' 3D
Canopus Total 3D
Intergraph Reactor / Intense 3D 100

Verite 2100
Diamond Multimedia Stealth II S220

Verite 2200
Hercules Thriller 3D
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Re: Rendition Verite Cards?

Postby SW-SSG » 2019-2-09 @ 20:45

chinny22 wrote:Verite 2200

I used to own one of the QDI card pictured here.

The other examples on that page are mostly no-name, but QDI was somewhat well-known for motherboards during that period. Maybe you have heard of them.
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Re: Rendition Verite Cards?

Postby vlask » 2019-2-09 @ 22:22

Not only mine graphics cards collection at
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