Microwave oven interferes with CRT?!

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retardware wrote:
Deunan wrote:

It's mostly down to subpar PSU in the monitor rather than the wire diameter anyway.

Using subpar stuff greatly enhances ones chances to encounter surprises, indeed.
And IBM PS/2 (speak PS half) monitors are grossly subpar. They were a real shame for that companys' name.

I had one of them, too. It was a ~14" model with a red switch on the right.
If my memory serves me well, then the image was very blurry..
Anyway, I kind of miss this model, like I do miss the 'crappy' but charming Commodore 1702.
Both of them were ideal for low-fidelity graphics in ~320x200 or so, I believe.
Well, at least under normal circumstances. S-Video on the Commodore didn't look very smoth, for example.


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