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Re: ATI Graphics Solution

Postby Scali » 2019-6-13 @ 07:15

gdjacobs wrote:Wolf3d needs you to shrink the viewport to achieve viable framerates on a 286, although the system in question (back in the day) was also sporting a shit OTI video card.

Yea, back in the day I had a 386SX-16 with Paradise SVGA card. It had to run at about 3/4 screen.
But I could not find such an option in Catacomb 3-D, it just runs in full screen. So I figured it would be best to compare that way.
I was expecting the 286-20 with ET4000 to run Wolf3D slightly better though. It runs Catacomb 3-D very nicely.

Anyway, it was interesting to see that even Catacomb 3-D was already very optimized: it generates 'compiled' scaling routines for the walls with self-modifying code. So the wall rendering is very efficient.
Not sure if that means planar is better for 3D though...
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Re: ATI Graphics Solution

Postby gdjacobs » 2019-6-13 @ 22:42

Carmack's magic at work.
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