GeForce2 Fan Cable Replacement

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GeForce2 Fan Cable Replacement

Postby Tatsuya » 2019-8-12 @ 00:01

So I bought a GeForce2 Ti on eBay a few months ago. The fan on the card is fine but the incorrect cable seems to have been soldered on. I don't really know how to go about fixing this. Should I source out a replacement fan? If so, where would I find it and what type of connector is this? Or should I try soldering it directly on to the card instead of worrying about a connector?
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Re: GeForce2 Fan Cable Replacement

Postby aaronkatrini » 2019-8-12 @ 15:16

That fan has 2 cables (black and red) but the connector on the card has 3 pins, are you sure that was the original heatsink and fan?
That looks like an Asus card but the heatsink/cooler is from Club3d.

edit: if you search on ali-espresso for "3 pin gpu cooler" you´ll find a lot of alternatives.
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Re: GeForce2 Fan Cable Replacement

Postby jmarsh » 2019-8-12 @ 15:45

Or just plug the fan into a spare 3-pin connector on the motherboard.
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Re: GeForce2 Fan Cable Replacement

Postby melbar » 2019-8-13 @ 06:59

Or buy this cable on eBay...

2pin 3pin.JPG
2pin 3pin.JPG (11.98 KiB) Viewed 64 times
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