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So, it has been quite some time I last posted something, so I am back here with another question for you.
I've got a few machines in December 2018 and I was playing with them for a bit. One of them is a Slot 1 machine with QDI Legend-V motherboard and with 300MHz Intel Celeron in it. The problem is a bit on the 50/50 side because if I install Windows 98 I can play OpenGL games like Quake III Arena without problem on it(it lags but I want it working for "scientific" purposes). I'm getting BSODs on it but I know that it was badly installed. The other half of the problem is that i want to have drivers for more systems of some cards and hardware so I don't have to find them later and just find them on my harddrive.
I was able to install Windows 2000 without problem on the machine and I got more resolutions and colors from system drivers but it isn't worth it using them, so i wanted to download working driver which has even OpenGL working but I found out you can find i740 drivers here on vogonsdrivers and some even are around the internet but any of them fixed my OpenGL issue. I was also looking for one that was unofficial and enabled OpenGL on the internet that was downloadable around 16 years ago but all servers are down now.

w2K i740 reference driver for Win2000.

w2K Unofficial I740 reference driver for Win2000 (based on Intel PV 3.0). With OpenGL ICD support.

Both files were from http://www.audit.kharkov.com/barry/maine.htm , http://www.audit.kharkov.com/barry/Drivers/Video.htm

I am more looking for the unofficial one as i think that one should have working OpenGL.
Maybe is there someone who has them or knows how to get OpenGL atleast working for games on that card.

Edit: and if someone asks why I don't put other AGP card in the motherboard, I don't have any working on hand now, only ATI Radeon 9600XT that is in my other machine with XP and that card is artifacting (I think because of bad memory chips)

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http://cwcyrix.nsupdate.info/ftp-archives/dow … m/2505/win2000/

you may want to search the intel archive 😉

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