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As long as you have sound card or sound chip on the 686B motherboard, this problem will persist unless sound card is pulled. For this reason I did not have 686A/B motherboards in past.

As other have said, get a PS/2 mouse eventually.

TUSL2-C is very good board.


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pentiumspeed wrote on 2020-03-25, 19:17:
Excuse me? […]
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Excuse me?

Is the USB mouse is via a USB to PS/2 adapter? We said need to try PS/2 moues directly.

Otherwise the motherboard is the issue due to chipset quite not right especially with XP even it got a chipset driver installed? Your has dreaded 686B southbridge which does not play well with audio card and USB cards. Are these cards physically removed?

Test with 815 chipset motherboard since you are using a 933 which requires 133 fsb.


I just wanted to add that simply rockin' a 686B is not a guarantee for the above mentioned issues...
I have a KinetiZ 7E which sports this chipset, and in that machine I have a bunch of different soundcards including Creative which some ppl claim will always lead to problems, as well as a USB 2.0 PCI card.

Cards in use:
NVidia GeForce FX5600 Pro AGP Videocard
Yamaha DS2416 PCI Soundcard
Yamaha SW1000XG PCI Soundcard
InnoVision USB 2.0 PCI Card
Creative CT2890 (or 2980?) Vibra 16S ISA Soundcard.
USB Keyboard via PS/2 adapter. USB mouse via InnoVision card.

Newest BIOS. Chipset Driver 4.43. Everything runs without problems.
Also utilizing both IDE channels without issues. USB filter driver not needed. 686B "fix" not needed. Latency "fix" not needed. (The latter two might be included in the 4.43, I am not sure)

It is really interesting how many times I have read about problems regarding the 686B bridge and how many times I was unable to reproduce said errors. Maybe it's because of the newest BIOS, maybe it's the KinetiZ 7E itself. being one of the rare MBs based on this chipset that simply does not suffer from all these flaws. Even the problems regarding the VxD drivers reportedly being broken for the Sw1000 I couldnt reproduce on this board. The automatic resource allocation done by Windows has also never failed me on this board, although admittedly with all the cards and peripherals listed above, things are cramped.

PS: Funnily enough, this has been my 686th post. Heh!

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Possible you had a very late 686B with well designed motherboard with lots of decoupling capacitors and inductors on all the power circuits around the each chipsets. Most I had seen had them missing especially on boards with VIA. VIA is viewed as low cost thing and skimp on components.

I did a mod on a junk via motherboard with 686B by adding missing components to the solder pads and that improved but didn't test more.

What 686A and 686B do is makes creative sound cards and some cards pop and crack in the audio output due to missed signal/timing that 686 chipset skimped on.

I did had a 686B motherboard (my computer using Althlon XP with zalman large heatsink (that takes 80mm fan and bolted to the motherboard through 4 holes) and no matter what I did with it and it was Asus and Asus Geforce2 MX and cooling is perfect. I also had random crashes in games as well. that was back in the day.

Since then, no VIA for me, unfortunately as I had bad memories.