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I'm interested in getting a complete list together of 3D hardware accelerated demoscene demos for DOS/Windows that didn't use OpenGL or Direct3D APIs, but instead used APIs proprietary to their respective 3D graphics cards and 3D hardware accelerators.

(in case you've no idea what demoscene is, I'm not talking about computer game demos: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demoscene
If you're looking for computer game demos, try vetz's topic here: 3D Accelerated Games List (Proprietary APIs - No 3DFX/Direct3D) )

Back in the day, there were several 3D APIs that were proprietary to specific 3D hardware accelerators or graphics cards.

These included:

  • 3Dfx Glide
  • ATI 3D CIF ("C Interface")
  • Bitboys/Tritech P3D API (Pyramid3D API) - unreleased
  • Creative Labs CGL (Creative Graphics Library)
  • Matrox MSI (Matrox Simple Interface)
  • NVidia NVLib (used on NVidia NV1)
  • PowerVR PowerSGL / PowerSGL Direct
  • Rendition RRedline
  • Rendition Speedy3D
  • S3 Graphics MeTaL
  • S3 Graphics S3D


Here's what I have so far:

3Dfx Glide:
(sources: pouet, pouet, demozoo)

ATI 3D CIF ("3D C Interface"):

Bitboys/Tritech "P3D HAL" API (Pyramid3D API) (unreleased):

Creative Labs CGL (Creative Graphics Library):
(sources: demozoo)

Matrox MSI (Matrox Simple Interface):

NVidia NVLib (NV1):

PowerVR PowerSGL:

Rendition RRedline (Windows):
So far, these are all from Rendition's 1998 "Take it to the RRedline" competition (all not on pouet/demozoo, incidentally).
The rest from the competition were OpenGL demos.
None are on pouet/demozoo, though I am not sure how many count.
http://web.archive.org/web/19981202065910/htt … heRRedline.html
Alternate download link: http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?file … 165&menustate=0

  • n-Cubed - Windows - Raymond Chan (aXon) - Apr 1998 (aka nCubed) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT08RiLDACQ
  • R3 - Windows - Chris Lundie - Apr 1998
  • RRide - Windows - Jari Jokivuori - Apr 1998 (aka RRide3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGLor1b9Iww
  • rrMorph - Windows - Roland & Erik Karlsson - Apr 1998 (aka rrMorph34) (really more of a tech demo)
  • TDH_Demo - Windows - Travis Hopkins - Apr 1998
  • Typin Cuber - Windows - Joseph Heiskala - Apr 1998 (aka Typin)

Rendition Speedy3D (DOS):

S3 Graphics MeTaL:

S3 Graphics S3D:


This... might be all of them! But I'd love your comments and corrections!
I don't think I've left any proprietary 3D APIs to 3D hardware accelerators / graphics cards out, either.
In the process of this, I added/updated a few entries at demozoo.


If you stumble across this... I'm also interested in collecting the respective SDKs for some of these APIs, if you still have them in your archives!
I am still hunting:

  • 3Dfx Glide SDK for DOS v2.03h2, 2.03h3, 2.1 (not 2.1.1), 2.2
  • ATI 3D Rage I/II SDK - any version
  • Bitboys/Tritech Pyramid3D "P3D HAL" API SDK - any version
  • Creative's Creative Graphics Library SDK - any version (I know about the libraries/headers that have been found...)
  • Rendition Speedy3D SDK - any version
  • S3 MeTaL API SDK - any version (I know about the libraries/headers that have been found...)
  • early Criterion RenderWare 1.x, BRender, RenderMorphics RealityLab, Hybrid SurRender3D SDKs
  • earlier/later versions to SDKs: ATI 3D Rage Pro SDK 4.1, Matrox MSI SDK (Windows 95 ver 1.10, DOS ver 1.06), NVidia NV1 SDK 1.50, PowerVR Series 1 SDK (2000-05-02), Rendition RRedline SDKs from May 98 and Dec 98, S3 S3D Toolkit 2.6.

If you can help, please let me know!

Long-term: also interested in hardware documentation, datasheets and databooks on the "GPUs" that used these 3D APIs, though at this point I mostly have all of the public documentation and I'm looking instead for company internal documentation and documentation that was only available to developers under private NDA.

Thanks, folks!

- Stiletto

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It would be really nice if some developers would use these old sdk's and make some new demoscene-stuff.
Would be nice if there is an active community like amiga/atari/c64...for old 3d-api's (DX2-7 pre Pixelshader)

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Special tanks to marxveix who has showed me the "The Rage Pro Tweaker" release 1.2 (the last version) by Neil Banfield:
Re: Proprietary 3D API's
Neil Banfield also has written a small ATI 3D CIF demo and put it the tweaker package too. Here it is the last saved version Neil Banfield's webpage for this:
https://web.archive.org/web/19990210110016/ht … .uk/~conb/rage/
I have tested and truely use the ATI 3D CIF (can not start without the ati3dcif.dll).


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