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I normally don't care about 3D graphics that can't do texturing, but since I've got my IrisVision set and managed to setup its development environment (SDK + and compiler) I want another "early" 3D challenge. Most people know TIGA cards, elianda and GeekDot describe how to setup and program them, the problem is, there's no information about the optional TMS34082 co-processor, which is the part that actually does 3D graphics. Texas Instruments created a library that basically implemented a 3D pipeline on the 34082 called the TMS34082 3-D Graphics Library. The pipeline is described in the TMS34082 Designers Handbook (Figure 7-2), I'm attaching it also to this post. Unfortunately the Designers Handbook is the only piece of documentation I've found on the TMS34082. The library was free (here's a post about it from Brian Hook, 3dfx and id Software employee), but I couldn't find any trace of it on the Internet. There's also a book describing it, also unavailable on the Internet. Maybe someone can find something in their archives that would help using the TMS34082?


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