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I am repairing this graphics card. After replacing damaged parts, I am missing the last 2 parts. Chips U12 and U20. U12 should be EPROM. I have no idea what should be in the U20 position. Probably a character generator. does anyone have any please EPROM content and U20 chip type? Thanks.

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Pics could help. Always a chance someone here has an identical card.

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Google says the only pictures of the VGA-0021A are on this forum 😉
MMaximus posted an image of the card's BIOS ROM in the thread

u20 is the card's RAMDAC, you can see some similar cards here: http://www.vgamuseum.info/index.php/component … ic-cl-gd510-520
There's a link on that page to download a generic BIOS, which might also work for your card.

From the pictures of other cards and looking around online, it looks like either of these 2 DACs might work, but it might be worth confirming with MMaximus what RAMDAC your particular card uses. I was looking for a replacement RAMDAC for the integrated video on my Packard Bell motherboard, from looking through datasheets trying to find a replacement, there are lots of similar but different parts with varying pinouts.