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First a little backstory.....

What happens when all our CRT's die and when one is new to our hobby, and dont want to throw some 150 to 200 US Dollars after a +30 year old monitor?
We can always buy el'cheapo converters from China, however they are absolutely horrible. Then we can buy an OSSC or Retrotink at some 120 to 150 US Dollars including shipping. We can go even more expensive, and buy the ultimate called framemeister. Yet do the price justify fully what you get for the money? Well... Both yes and no, and depends on what you want in life.

Then there are this RGB-to-HDMI project out there. It is basically an adaptor, connected to an RaspberryPI-Zero and some freeware custom software on the SD card. The project is a work in progress, and is constantly being refined. Much like the TerribleFire series of Amiga accelerators. All open source.

A series of two video's have emerged on youtube, and it has already spunned an internal Amiga version. That is for standard Denise and then another adaptor for super Denise. (OCS a500 and ECS a500 machines).

The original project page is HERE Remember to read their WIKI
The two videoes are HERE (first video) and HERE (second video)
The Amiga Denise adaptor project is HERE

Now. What is this tread all about?
This tread is all about talk, regarding this RPI solution. What people's experience is with it and how they fine tune their adaptor. Or using the Amiga Denise adaptor. Talk about software updates to the project and everything else. Mostly it is about if people can recommend this solution and posting pictures of how they set it up, information on how to make special cables for the various systems. Possible posting screenshots of the picture quality. And so on, and so on...

I have a feeling that this will become the best solution for the money, as the SD-Card software matures. If it isn't already good enough to give the best bang for the bucks. Anyway. Feel free to post any findings and share experiences with this solution here in this tread.

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Those cakes make you sick....

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