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Rikintosh wrote on 2022-06-02, 20:38:
songo wrote on 2021-01-14, 18:09:
'Ugly but with playable framerate' - and that's how Doom 3 runs on V5 AGP on youtube clip. […]
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kolderman wrote on 2021-01-14, 18:03:

Define "run". You probably don't want to play Doom 3 on a voodoo 5.

'Ugly but with playable framerate' - and that's how Doom 3 runs on V5 AGP on youtube clip.

Also check HL2 - it runs much better than Xbox port (and og. Xbox has GeForce 3).

I'm sure we can go further than those games.

I think some games get ugly, not because of lack of performance, but because of problems with the drivers. This card performs well in benchmarks.

This is pure brute force. I wouldn't play Doom 3 and HL2 looking that ugly, speed isn't the only factor.

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Since the source release i'm surprised no one's done a normals-calculated-md5s vertex-lighting-calculated-by-the-CPU fixed function fork to run on GL 1.1 spec yet... Doom3's polygon count is actually quite low so there's room to bend backwards to the point of even rendering on a PowerVR PCX2 without it dropping polys drastically (taking it past the artificial Win9x gatekeep first).

long live PCem

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But what I wonder is that to adapt these games to the V5 cards would not be that different to run them on any other Directx6 generation cards of that period that even had more features than the VSA chip itself beside how much realistically usable, like the Savage 4/2K, G4x0/550, KyroI/II, etc..
It is not like the V5 had much more magic to adapt better.. like said I'd find just as impressive to see Directx6 heavy games running (as they do) on (the much slower) late Rage IIc 8MB AGP @ 400x300 but without any tweaks, code rewriting, whatever.

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songo wrote on 2022-06-01, 15:20:
1998 - 2008, 32 MB ram, S3Virge + Voodoo 2 which I downgraded to Voodoo Rush once V2 died. […]
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gerry wrote on 2022-06-01, 07:08:

As an aside (from voodoo being not so great beyond about 2000) i'm impressed you stayed with 200mmx for a decade 😀

what years were they?

I'm sure a P200mmx has more power than generally thought of but interesting if you got it working fine with early 2000's internet and games etc

1998 - 2008, 32 MB ram, S3Virge + Voodoo 2 which I downgraded to Voodoo Rush once V2 died.

I haven't got access to web 'till 2008, first titles that became almost unplayable were released in 2000 (Daikatana, Deus Ex), 2001 was even worse and by 2002 I could not play anything new but it only as far as native PC gaming goes. I discovered emulation so add to ~20 PC legacy TONS of games from SNES, Gameboy, Megadrive, C64, ZX Spectrum and even Playstation (yes, there were games playable on that hardware via VGS and Bleem!)... I never run out of games.

Oh, and arcades emulation, especially CPS1 (Callus), CP2 (Winkawaks) and glorious SNK which provides new games even in 2003 via Neoragex - King of Fighters 2003 and SNK vs Capcom Chaos.

those early days (late 1990's) of emulators on the PC were great, and a P200 would run most too - i can see how you got the best from that PC

i remember many times with genecyst, nesticle, meka, zsnes and many others of the tie 😀

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songo wrote on 2022-10-15, 12:45:

Guis, what is optimal CPU / RAM for Voodoo 5? I mean - the point in which GPU became a bottleneck for entire system - 1 Ghz CPU / 512 RAM or less?

This varies greatly depending on the game and the resolution.
In a game like GLQuake, at 1024 x 768, even a Pentium 2 450 CPU would be (slightly) bottlenecked by the Voodoo 5.

However, in other games (like Unreal Gold/Unreal Tournament), the CPU can matter a lot, particularly for the 1% lows. So, in this case, a Voodoo 5 will actually run better as you increase the CPU power up to (or even past) the speed of a Tualatin 1.4 GHz.
This is why many people like to pair the Voodoo 5 with fast Athlon XP CPUs (even though it's unlikely that many people had such a combo back in the day). Personally, if I were to have a Voodoo 5 rig (which I don't, I have two Voodoo 5 5500 cards that I keep in storage - because, even though I like the cards for what they represent, I don't find them particularly interesting when it comes to actually using them for playing games), I would not go any higher than a Tualatin 1.4 GHz.

As for RAM, I would say that 256 MB should be more than enough for a Voodoo 5 build running Win98, but you can certainly go even higher up to 512 MB.

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