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I have a Diamond Viper V330 that I bought off ebay a while back that was listed as broken.

It was indeed broken 😀

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When I put the card in a PC the PC detects the card as it is booting. (there is no video-error-beep-code like you would have with a missing or faulty video card)
The monitor receives a signal (amber LED -> green LED, and I see it syning to 720x400 @ 70Hz (dos resolution I guess).
After a while , as I hear the PC hard drive continues bootting into windows, I see the monitor detecting a windows resolution (640x480 @ 60Hz)

But all the while the screen remains completely black.

The card looked ok except for 2 issues :

There was one electrolytic cap with a high ESR value and a "dented" top (I replaced that one)
There was physical damage to 2 traces from a RAM chip to the Riva128 chip (fixed those traces).

But still screen remains black.....

Any ideas what else I can try ?
Does the fact that it syncs up to the monitor tell you something ? (as opposed to the computer just beeping ?)