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Hey everyone,

So I’ve come across a Media Vision Pro Graphics 1024 and have been struggling to find Windows 3.1 drivers for this thing. They seem to be lost to time. I found a reference to the files on the former Media Vision FTP, and the file name is apparently PGWIN15.EXE.

Apparently, there were a few people out there with these cards, but they were never well supported due to the demise of Media Vision. I’ve reached out to someone who had the drivers a few years back, and haven’t heard much.

The fact is, they’re pretty cool, with 2.25MB of VRAM enabling 1024x768 in true color modes. Plus, the Cirrus Logic GD5402 VGA core can be disabled, unlike many of the Weitek Power cards! It’d be neat to run one of these as a dedicated true color accelerator like the SuperMatch Spectrum/24. If I could find the drivers, I’d be inclined to actually use this card. It’s a shame that Media Vision’s stuff beyond just sound drivers is seemingly gone, but any thoughts or advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend!

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There was another thread with this card:
https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/med … cs-1280p.28153/

Did you ever ask "resman" to see if he had the drivers?

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FWIW, here you can find these drivers: https://archive.org/details/WIZARD30 , specifically in directory DRIVERS/GRAF_H_O/MV_P1024

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