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Hi all.

So I got my hands on an A1060 Sidecar for the Amiga 1000, and I figured I should kit it out so I could have fun in both worlds. Seeing that the Sidecar is basically an IBM XT in a pod, I am looking into my options for contemporary audio and video options that can be high performance to the limit of being bottlenecked by the other components, so I can get the best performance. Audio is so far the easy one, but the video is right now where I am running into issues in my research.

So that brings me here, I could use help in figuring out what my graphic card options are that would offer the most performance, compatibility, and output video options for an XT machine.

Thanks all for the help.

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Basically any 8-bit VGA card will do. It's compatible with contemporary monitors (everything with a 15-pin DSUB is compatible), and most 8-bit VGA cards provide emulation for CGA, Hercules and EGA to the hardware level, though you need the vendor driver disk to activate those emulation modes. All VGA cards are compatible to CGA/MDA/EGA if you restrict yourself to the documented API. Some VGA cards are faster than the classic VGA design, but VGA card speed is rarely the bottleneck in XT-class computers in application programs.