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I'm not sure I ever tried to run a V2 alongside a more capable 3d accelerator.

Games like American McGee's Alice, Rune don't seem to have a config option available to specify output device.

I see at least Alice has a r_lastvalidrenderer setting but I'm unsure what to specify there if I wanted to output to Voodoo.

My Nvidia video card is vastly superior to the Voodoo2 but I was still interested in running some games against it for comparison.

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if r_glDriver is opengl32, it's using the host video card.

if r_glDriver is 3dfxvgl, it's using the Voodoo2.

though some idtech3 licensees get fussy and have crazy behaviors about glide3x library detection (the lazy way to find a Voodoo card) and can buggily force the Voodoo regardless, like RTCW...

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