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So a friend just gave me this old card and I have not found very much information on it regarding DOS gaming compatibility.

When it arrives I will test it in my Win98SE P2 400mhz system and see how well it runs my plethora of DOS games. I see it was made in 1994 so I'm kind of hoping that it will be good for some of my older games such as Commander Keen 1,2,3,4,5 etc.

The picture of the card in the below link is the exact same one I have.
https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/graphic … pro-turbo.c3173

I have a old IBM system (300GL) with onboard Trio64+ SVGA through AGP so I kind of doubt it will make things any "Faster" but I am hoping for better general DOS game compatibility.

Any others here who own this same card for their rigs?

How is the general performance?

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Problems with certain games called out here...

Unicorn herding operations are proceeding, but all the totes of hens teeth and barrels of rocking horse poop give them plenty of hiding spots.

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MACH64 is notable as the only chip (or maybe one of only two? if ET4000 can do this) capable of supporting VESA LFB on ISA bus. Other than that its ATIs evolution of IBM 8514/A compatible design, a 2D accelerator.