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I am building a "new" Dos computer and I am doing pcb layout at the moment. I have done the schematics and was planning to use the Trident TVGA9000i chip since I had the reference schematics for it and it is a simple circuit to use.
But since I am using the STPC ELITE Cpu I also have a PCI bus and was thing I could up the system a little by using a S3 trio64 (86C764) or the Trio64V+ (63c765) chip.
Does anyone have any schematics for one of those? I could only find the datasheets.

Short about the computer.
STPC ELITE CPU since I had 40 of them in stock so I will do 40 boards.
168 DIMM socket for ram
Cirrus CS4237B audio with a raspberry zero and dac for MT32 emulation
Disk on Chip socket
SuperIO for mosue,keyboard,floppy and a serial port
Intgrated Gotek onboard
onboard POST display
ata 40 pin and 44 pin sockets


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Although this is not direct answer to your question, there are schematics available for Cirrus Logic Alpine family (CL-GD5430, 5434, 5436 and 5440).
They can be built for ISA (5434 only), VLB, or PCI. Definitely an upgrade over the Trident TVGA9000.
You can find it here: http://www.vgamuseum.info/index.php/component … logic-cl-gd5434
In download section - technical reference manual. User Jager even made ISA cards based on CL-GD5434 and made it opensource: Newly made ISA CL-GD5434

Back to S3Trio64, there is (working) project of S3 Trio64 VLB card. Maybe this thread S3 ViRGE VLB project (or " Making a Concurrent for Creative 3D Blaster VLB" ) will be helpful for your project ?

1) VLSI SCAMP /286@20 /4MB /CL-GD5422 /CMI8330
2) i420EX /486DX33 /16MB /TGUI9440 /YMF718+GUS
3) i440BX /P!!!750 /256MB /MX440 /SBLive!+Vibra16s
4) iG31 /E8400 /4GB /X1950GT /HDA