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Kind of a strange one. I have this MAG 17" monitor from 1992 I picked up recently. It's really neat with its LCD display on the front, seems like a professional unit from the time. For some reason, both my 486 VLB and my XT Clone with a paradise 88 8bit vga card both boot up in mono with this monitor. Newer monitors don't cause the problem, it's just this monitor. Allot of software ignores it and works in color just fine anyway, but some stuff, like the dos edit program and Loom only work in mono. If I boot the system plugged into a newer monitor it boots in color, and then if I swap the cable to the MAG while the system is on it stays in color and all is good. So something in the monitor is telling the cards to go mono but I have no idea what. I found a service manual and based on the pinout I don't think it has any data pins whatsoever, I cant find a normal manual for it at all.

I've tried mode co80 and the coloron.com files in this thread, but no luck with either. Any ideas?


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Problems with 8-bit TVGA9000 based ISA video card

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