Texture filtering - yay or nay?

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Like many of you I'm sure, I've been gaming since mid 80s . Cut my teeth on small town arcades, Atari 2600 games (Pitfall and frogger were the best) up till the late 90s I didn't personally own a computer used a lot of them though, school district had Apple ii, macintoshes, even a lab full of commodore 64s. Most of my gaming was on consoles as such I can see how what we used to call jaggy vision can be appealing for nostalgia sake. Personally though getting into PC gaming when I did with the fast pace of improving graphics capabilities I never kept to a system for too long always building something better to run the next big FPS. Because of this I didn't hold much love for low res graphics except for certain games. Now that so many of the PC games that I loved from those first computers run best on retro systems I'm learning to enjoy even more games in their graphical ugliness.
I'm not going to judge those who do or don't like highly filtered graphics or those who prefer jaggy graphics and I think like a lot of topics on the Internet an elitist view creeps in so unless the developer specifically made the game to look a certain way and has taken effort to keep the user experience that way then we all have room to enjoy the game how we want.

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Talk for yourself man. 😆 My first console was an Atari 2600 clone with 128 simple integrated games. Frogger, boxing, moon patrol, space yokey and so on ... No pitfall. And even I thinked that it was litle too primitive stuff. But a famiclone a year later. Loved that one. Still play contra and power blade 2 sometimes, but never have urge to play frogger. 🙄

I am aroused about any X86 motherboard that has full functional ISA slot. I think i have problem. Not really into that original (Turbo) XT,286,386 and CGA/EGA stuff. So just a DOS nut.
PS. If I upload RAR, it is a 16-bit DOS RAR Version 2.50.

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Cyberdyne wrote on 2024-05-13, 03:27:

My first console was an Atari 2600 clone

Cheers, my first gaming device of any kind was also the Atari 2600! 😀 The Jr. model to be exact. Got it in 1990 or 1991. Still have it, although I'm not too sure it still works. I bought the composite out mod for it a couple of years back but didn't have the time to install it...

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