QuickBASIC: Any DirectQB/BWSB tutorials available?

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QuickBASIC: Any DirectQB/BWSB tutorials available?

Postby darkhog » 2018-2-03 @ 09:33

I was unable to find any, though it may be because of my lack of google-fu rather than their non-existence. I know there's QB64, FreeBASIC and so on, however since my goal is to write a DOS game (I feel like DOS is underappreciated in the "homebrew" game scene compared to old consoles and even other 80s/early 90s computers such as Amiga, C64 or ZX Spectrum), using these misses the point.

I realize the qbasic.net forum is virtually dead (not many posts made recently), therefore I'll be posting this to vogons and other DOS-related forums where they may help me find DirectQB and BWSB (because DirectQB's sound engine is terrible - 8bit 22khz waves and no mod music support? Please!) tutorials or have people who used these libraries in the past.
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Re: QuickBASIC: Any DirectQB/BWSB tutorials available?

Postby Gahhhrrrlic » 2018-2-13 @ 14:34

When I was in high school I took a programming class that was exclusively in QBasic. I saved all the lesson programs I wrote at that time. Just found them a couple days ago. Mind you they are way more basic than what you're talking about with these libraries. You're welcome to have them if you want but it's a long shot at best since you're talking about stuff I never learned. The stuff I have is more of an intro to QBasic.
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Re: QuickBASIC: Any DirectQB/BWSB tutorials available?

Postby gca » 2018-2-13 @ 14:39

There are a few tutorials here http://www.petesqbsite.com/sections/tut ... ials.shtml the site hasn't been updated for a long time but the links still work so you can get the tutorials.
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Re: QuickBASIC: Any DirectQB/BWSB tutorials available?

Postby Karm » 2018-5-05 @ 22:07

8bit 22khz waves

was quite common ;) because it didn't take so much space and it sounds okay.
If you want to go further I would recommend using a different language, because qbasic is a little bit slow in comparison to pascal/C/C++.
You will find yourself using assembler really quick.
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