Did OG Doom have weapon cycling?

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Did OG Doom have weapon cycling?

Postby brakenwagen » 2018-4-12 @ 21:36

Been messing with doom in dosbox and noticed that there is no key to go to the next or previous gun. Even chocolate lets you cycle weapons and that is suppose to be hardcore accurate.
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Re: Did OG Doom have weapon cycling?

Postby leileilol » 2018-4-12 @ 21:43

Voodoo2s aren't 100mhz stock
Geforce256 isn't released as a beta on New Years '99 under the Quadro brand
DOS gaming isn't a bilinear 320x200 16:10
DOS PCs aren't better than the Macintosh
DOSBox is not for running Windows 9x
SGL != Glide
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Re: Did OG Doom have weapon cycling?

Postby Kerr Avon » 2018-4-19 @ 14:59

leileilol wrote:No.

Speaking as someone who played a lot of DOS Doom in the early nineties, I would have sworn it did have weapon switching (though it wouldn't have needed it, as most people would be using a keyboard and mouse and so for them it would have been quicker to just to press the specific number key for the required weapon). Must be the Mandela effect, like the way that everyone remembers that the girl Jaws meets in Moonraker (the small geeky girl, with blonde hair and glasses) had braces on her teeth, when in reality she didn't.
Kerr Avon
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Re: Did OG Doom have weapon cycling?

Postby DosDaddy » 2018-4-22 @ 02:42

@brakenwagen: As long as weapon cycling isn't hard-coded and bound to a standard Doom key, I'd say that's got absolutely nothing to do with accuracy.

@Kerr Avon: Hmmm, I can't seem to recall a single example of this so called "Mandela effect" that didn't exclusively involve 2 or more nearly identical things for which conflict is not appreciable beyond insignificant detail.

Bad memory and the absurdity of assuming uninterrupted consistency for anything and everything done in former times; that's what fuels this nonsense.
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