I wonder if i can get help...(read me)

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I wonder if i can get help...(read me)

Postby fulmoon_djm » 2002-8-10 @ 09:29

I only wish to know, where can I find the Lemmings game,the full version.I looked all over the net but...nothing.
If you can help me,i`l wait a response.
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Postby DosFreak » 2002-8-10 @ 12:27

I'm sorry but as far as I know lemmings is still being sold and is not even considered "abandonware". Even if it was not being sold only with the approval of the publisher would it be legal to distribute the program freely and since this board does not promote "warez" in any form.....
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Postby Snover » 2002-8-11 @ 01:18


Didn't you read the license before you joined?
Don't request anything like this again or I'll be forced to ban you from this forum.
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