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if phil wants to look out later.

GOG Shadow of the Horned Rat still has aspect ratio issues, even dxwnd cant fix the vertical stretch, something akin to HOMM's GDI patch for the windows gold versions could work.
GOG 40k Final Liberation has Graphic and stuttering issues on win10.
The Retroism releases of Microprose games has issues on the Steam versions, 1942 has sound issues that were fixed here, but most of it were fixed thanks to Dosbox ECE builds.
The EA, GOG and maybe Future Steam release of Wing Commander 1,2,3 lacks the Windows version as optional, though Wing commander 3 can be patched to the windows version easily thanks to its Kilrathi Saga files + Dxwnd or Dgvoodoo2(older versions has Ps1/Armada black space skybox, recent versions has classic DOS Blue), 1 and 2 suffers from speed issues, WC1Windows was fixed thanks to Wcnews and the Free PCGamer release, Wing Commander 2 has issues on both DOS and Windows with crashes and speed issues, the wcfixes is open source for those who may want to give a try on it. (im using Phil's recommended config along with MUNT for WC2)