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I'm starting to think my whiz bang shiny old Sound Blaster AWE64 isn't worth what appears to be an unending line of problems. I thought I'd finally got everything working like it should the other night when I found the rest of the drivers that I was apparently missing in order to get music working correctly. Most games I've tested so far seem to work with both sound and music, but Death Rally does a strange thing where the audio starts to play for a second then just goes silent. I've tried both Sound Blaster settings for it, but they both end up with the same result.

It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact I'm using a mono speaker would it? I noticed in the sound setup that both options for Sound Blaster were for mono and Death Rally is the only game that's done that.

Also sound related Police Quest 3 (and possibly my other SIERRA games) refuses to run with Sound Blaster despite having been patched 😲

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May I suggest getting the native Windows port of Death Rally? The only particular reason to use the DOS port is for network gaming.

Also, what Sierra patches are you referring to?