Why 7Z not RAR or ZIP?

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Re: Why 7Z not RAR or ZIP?

Postby Errius » 2017-11-19 @ 18:21

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Re: Why 7Z not RAR or ZIP?

Postby lordmogul » 2018-1-28 @ 11:55

And don't forget that 7zip (the application, not the format) is better ad making zip archives than winzp and better at making rar archives than winrar.

In the end it doesn't really matter anymore. Most programs nowadays can open more than one type or archives, and zip, rar and 7z are most used anyway (with addition to tar, and gzip on Linux)
When preparing something for a pure DOS environment, it has to be unpacked anyway. That can always happen before bringing it to DOS. No matter if will be transported via network, floppy, usb, etc.
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Re: Why 7Z not RAR or ZIP?

Postby CasualRobert » 2018-2-10 @ 11:27

I usually use 7Zip on newer and older systems, because Winrar and WinZip do have those "Your Time expired buy Winrar now!" warnings, so i kind of use 7zip everytime even on older systems, because i became attached to it.
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Re: Why 7Z not RAR or ZIP?

Postby kolano » 2018-2-13 @ 19:00

Osprey wrote:I have fond memories of PAR from the Usenet days. I don't remember if it applied its own compression algorithm, but it was an archive format that was great for recovery. I miss being able to reconstruct missing volumes that I couldn't download.

PAR files are unrelated to compression. Parity (i.e PAR) files are used to replace missing sections of data. This applied well to usenet where frequently subsets of messages may go missing.

I keep hoping to see a return of the concept of PAR files for torrents. I imagine that distributing a few parity files amongst a swarm of downloaders would cost almost nothing in the amount of download data, but would greatly reduce the chances of torrents breaking when a seeder went away.
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