Does Caesar II have CD Audio

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Does Caesar II have CD Audio

Postby DOSfan1994 » 2017-11-06 @ 17:53

Hello people I am just wondering,

I have a copy of "Caesar II" and I would like to know if it has CD audio because I was looking at OSTs and gameplay videos on youtube and it seems to use MIDI for the game play music, but when I was looking up the OST there was some music that did not sould like midi at all it sounded like WAV or High Quality Audio.

If you have a copy of the game please look through it on your Itunes software if it has any CD audio.

The reason I am asking because I was backing up all of my old PC/DOS game library I had when I was a child into CD images files from standard ISOs and Mixed mode Bin/CUE files, and I might have accidently converted to a regular ISO file.

Please leave some post for me to know.
Thank you and have a nice day.
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Re: Does Caesar II have CD Audio

Postby Osprey » 2017-11-06 @ 18:52

I can't find any evidence online that the game has CD audio. You could just be mistaking different playback qualities for the MIDI music. For example, a lot of gameplay videos could've been recorded with Sound Blaster for MIDI, whereas the soundtrack videos are using a Sound Canvas or equivalent soundfont (if not professional hardware).

FYI, on my computer, the title music in the game, using General MIDI and a Roland SC-55 soundfont, sounds exactly like the following:

If that's one of the recordings that you thought was WAV/CD audio, nope, it's MIDI. I can point you to the driver and soundfont to get the same quality, yourself, if you'd like.

Edit: I can also add that the GOG version of the game includes a CD image (as game.gog, as they always do) and the full size of that is taken up by files, so, unless they accidentally stripped CD audio, as well, then the game simply doesn't have it.
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