New MS-DOS Games Launcher / Menu System App

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Re: New MS-DOS Games Launcher / Menu System App

Postby Roger Wilco » 2019-3-18 @ 15:19

Roger Wilco wrote:I will write the status, the machine is booted into, into a file during startup - status.txt. It will contain a simple string. NORMAL, XMS, EMS, NOEMS, and so on.
In the launcher menu, for certain games that need special boot options, i will start a bash script, that checks the status and if it's the wrong one, a message will be displayed: "to play this game, you have to boot into EMS mode", for example, and exit.
If it's the right one, the game will be started.
Even that should be unnecessary, as I believe DOS creates an environment variable called %CONFIG%, if you are using menu options in Config.sys, with the value set to the name of the chosen configuration.

You are right :-) I knew, it's probably easier, as I imagined. Thanks :-)
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Re: New MS-DOS Games Launcher / Menu System App

Postby MusicallyInspired » 2019-3-18 @ 17:54

Looks very similar to something I wanted to accomplish (but which was vastly out of my reach lol). I'll definitely be using this on my 486 to replace the cheap hacky hardcoded one I wrote!
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Re: New MS-DOS Games Launcher / Menu System App

Postby MAZter » 2019-3-22 @ 23:22


Anyone remember "Direct Access" program?

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Re: New MS-DOS Games Launcher / Menu System App

Postby DoctorDalek » 2019-3-28 @ 19:53

It's be really nice to have alternate launch commands with configurable title. Sort of like how Steam does it:


This way you could allow users to still access setup or launch with alternate commands. Preconfigured options for multiplayer and such would make this a really convenient launcher.
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