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I have a copy of carmaggedon high octane and it doesnt wanna work cuz every time a press new game it says please insert disc and im like ??? so idk. if anyone knows some sort of work around please reply.

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Are you playing it from a CD? How are you trying to play it? With DOSBox? Old hardware? Note that DOSBox questions should be asked in the DOSBox forums below and if old hardware ask in Marvin.

DOSBox forums: DOSBox

Marvin: Marvin, the Paranoid Android

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I'd never heard of Carmageddon High Octane before, but a quick google shows that it's just the original game but with some tracks removed(the driving kind, not audio tracks!). If I were you, I'd buy the full version, which comes with The Splat Pack* addon, from:


as you then get not only the full Carmageddon, plus The Splat Pack, but you can also run it in higher resolutions and use either software or hardware 3D modes since the GOG release fools the game into thinking that your 21st century 3D card is actually a mid-1990s 3DFX card! You can do this yourself using a Glide wrapper (this is the forum to learn how to do it), but it's already set up with the GOG version, and I presume you can play the GOG release on an old PC, if that's what you'd prefer, as the GOG version uses DOSBox to simulate DOS so it can probable be used without DOSBox, on an old PC. Though you'd need a fast 486, or preferable a Pentium to play the game at full speed under pure DOS.

Carmageddon 2 is also good. I prefer the first game, but lots of people prefer C2. I didn't much like the third game (called TDR 2000), an opinion that seems to have been common amongst many fans of the series.

And there is a modern-ish game, Carmageddon: Max Damage, which I really like. I still prefer the original game, but C:MD (which I have on the PS4, not the PC) is still really good and enormous fun to play, and includes some new game modes.

BTW, Carmageddon 64, the N64 port of Carmageddon 2, is *awful*. It is slow, controls badly, is very blurry, and is the only racing game on any system where it at times actually looks like the car is staying in one place and the scenery is moving instead of the car. Granted, all racing games work this way, but only Carmageddon 64 actually looks like it. It has other faults, such as being too cut down, having some stupid changes from the PC original, and the pedestrians (who are barely animated zombies) are about four times taller than your car, but basically the game can be summed up as a contender for the title of worst port ever.

Then again, Carmageddon 64 was made (or at least published) by Titus, who made Superman 64, which is often cited as amongst the ten worst games ever made, so maybe we shouldn't have expected anything else.

* The Splat Pack adds new tracks, and new cars that you can compete against and then steal. My favourite car is the 1960s Mini, I love playing in that. And amongst the new tracks that the Splat Packs add is a Formulae 1 track - yes, you can run over the bloke who waves the starting flag, and you can even drive into the stands and mow down the spectators!