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I just found this game in an old storage box... all 17 (!) floppy disks and am wanting to play it.

Ideally, I wanted to do so on one of my old retro DOS machines, however it appears that my floppy Disk 8 for the game is damaged. All the others install fine, but disk 8 gives me a CRC error during install (and also won't copy on modern systems for backup purposes, either). Does anyone possibly have an image of Disk 8 they might be able to share? I've been unable to find images of the disks online anywhere (the game itself isn't hard to find, but I'd rather the "original" experience if possible). I'm happy to prove I own the game legit... I even still have the original documentation and that little sound dongle that plugs into the parallel port to give speech!

Which leads to my second question: as much as I'd rather run this on old hardware, if I have to use an alternate version instead of my own disks (due to disk 8's damage), is it possible to emulate that speech dongle thing on a modern machine? By that, I mean under DOSBox perhaps? I've never used some of the sound gadgets mentioned in DOSBox like the "Speech Thing" but am now thinking it might be a similar device? I've not played LGOP2 since playing on a real 486, so not sure if this is possible on a modern machine under emulation, or if I indeed need to use an old machine for that gadget to work.

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Hi, yes, that's possible. We think that dongle is/was some kind of Covox SpeechThing clone.
See Re: DSS / Covox Speech Thing exclusive games

Note: To make it work, I had to disable the PC speaker in DOSBox.
However, recent versions of DOSBox may include a fix now, which makes that extra step unnecessary.

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