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I'm trying to run the old TradeWars 2001 game, the WWIV-based predecessor of TW2002.

I can get the game to extract, but I get various "I/O Error" messages any time I try to use one of the main programs, each of which expects a parameter to be passed.

The main program I want to run is TW2001.COM, which expects a path to the CHAIN.TXT file. CHAIN.TXT is the WWIV BBS software's way of passing user info to the game, as well as information about directories and files that game might need for generating bulletins or high-score lists.

Anyway, I try by writing "TW2001 ./CHAIN.TXT", since I have convenient placed the file in the same directory. This results in the following error: "I/O Error 01, PC=A128".

The program did do *something*, though before it errors out, though. It generates a "node.log" file, as specified within CHAIN.TXT.

Can anyone explain what that I/O error might mean? I assume it's a file-read sort of thing, but I can't find a definitive answer. I also don't understand what the "PC=A128" part means. When I try other programs in this archive I sometimes get similar errors, but with different PC= values.