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I am trying to get music working in Screamer dos with a gravis ultrasound classic upgraded to 1mo.
The setup lets me select the gus for sound effects and it works fine but the music shows port 388 which cant be modified and music test does not work.
What does this port 388 relates to? There does not seem to be any configuration for the gus that involves port 388.
Is there any required tsr to have music in this game like sbos/megaem/ultramid?
If i save and run the game with this music configuration i get a "cannont initialiwe sound driver"error.

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Port 388h refers to the standard Adlib port for FM synthesis.
Since a GUS does not have an OPL2 or OPL3 FM synthesis chip, it is emulated in software.
Since that is the only port being listed in the setup program, my guess is that there probably isn't direct GUS support. You either have to load SBOS or MegaEm for Adlib/Sound Blaster support.

However, I haven't tried playing Screamer on my GUS PnP Pro yet, so maybe someone else here that has played Screamer with a GUS can provide more insight.