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Hey guys, need some help.

I'm trying to create images of my 5.25 floppy version of Transarctica. Unfortunately, the actual floppies are corrupted. Fortunately, I had it installed, and I was able to use WinImage to compare to the corrupted disks' file structure to rebuild the images manually to a large degree. However, there are 2 files that I can't seem to match up to a specific disk: TEXTED.IO and TEXTE2D.IO

They're the language files for the German language, I know that much. Thing is, given that they're not listed when I view the disks with WinImage, I'm not sure if they were actually missing from the floppies and I got them elsewhere to patch the game, or whether they were on a floppy that had its file listing corrupted such as to render those files absent.

Could someone who has the 5.25 floppy version of Transarctica please check to see if these files are on any of their floppies/images, and if so, which one? (The full directory listings for the floppies would be great, too, if possible)

4-in-1 build (thanks Phil!): AMD K6-III+ 450 / SOYO 5EMA+ / 128MB SDRAM / 80GB Seagate HDD / Voodoo 3 3000 / Orchid Righteous 3D / Sound Blaster CT2960 / MPU-401 PCMIDI Clone / HxC Floppy Emulator / 15" CRT monitor