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Hello 😀

I am looking for the original Ishar 3 on floppy disks in the PC version (English version).
As you can see it in the picture below:
Is anyone in possession of the original of this game, and could he share the disk images from this game ?
There is only a pirate version everywhere on the internet.
I could not find the original of this game.

A copy of GOG is a copy of this game's CD. For some reasons, I am looking for an unmodified floppy original of this game.
On the Internet, there is only a cracked version of this game, by the HYBRID group. And yet it is not completely cracked.
The cracked version can be seen after the file "TYPHUS.IO", this file has a size of 2215 bytes.
Different language versions have different file sizes. The uncracked version will have a file size of approximately 900 bytes.
In the HYBRID version, the game menu is in German and should be in English.



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A word of advice: Piracy and other alike illegal actions aren't allowed here. But maybe you may have luck with someone in private.

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