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I have original copies of this game on 5 1/4 inch discs, but no working 5 1/4 inch drive. I'm trying to track down the Tandy/EGA Version of the game or even the one with CGA Composite, because even the CGA only version did not work with that. I thought I was going crazy and had forgot the launch parameter for 16 color mode or it just didn't exist, but it's that the only version of this floating around out there on the web is the utter crap CGA version. Here's the variations of how it's suppoed to look: https://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/ancient-ar … sea/screenshots

Does anyone have a back up of the 16 color version? I don't believe Broderbund sells this game anymore and it's a matter of preservation really at this point. If I get a drive I'll definitely be sharing it.

Never mind, I dug deep and hard and found it. It's awesome. I'd share it if I wasn't concerned about it's locations possible removal if it came up in search engines. Works in DOSbox in full 16 color glory.