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I recently picked up Prophecy - Viking Child off of ebay, but the 5.25" disk 1 was not mountable. I think I was able to pull out the files, but I have concerns that I missed files or that they are corrupt. If anyone has a copy, would you be willing to compare file hashes? Below are the sha1 hashes of what I have:

6aaa5cd06276cc3703ff3b94181d377bd241db57  ./VC.EXE
f0e62d86526978ddd07791a98eb1015aff19dd5c ./VC.CFG
c9c981f67a7f17d5cf031cc85f054645e9e84578 ./VCRES1.DIR
a3f1b407db917a1fbef5902de683cb7a112bdfcb ./VCRES1.000
a42b2d8d319422e8e79aa4a019b26c1652f24e31 ./INSTALL.EXE

In particular, INSTALL.EXE, VC.EXE, and VC.CFG differ from the 3.5" versions but the install seems to run fine.