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Cyrix200+ wrote on 2020-01-31, 20:02:
Hm you're right, it stopped working. […]
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old_school_nick wrote on 2020-01-31, 19:50:
Cyrix200+ wrote on 2020-01-31, 19:44:

No worries.

I uploaded the bench pack here: https://file.io/NDCrIN ,

404 page not found

Hm you're right, it stopped working.

Another thing you could try is this direct link: https://www.philscomputerlab.com/uploads/3/7/ … .4_jan_2017.zip

Also uploaded it here (1 day expiration!): https://easyupload.io/bzutoa

downloaded by easyupload.io
thx again

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Dochartaigh wrote on 2020-01-31, 20:35:
old_school_nick wrote on 2020-01-31, 14:49:

but I’m still interested why this site doesn’t opened here, in Russia
I tried several providers and several computers/mobile devices

Many times in cases like this the nameservers pointing to a certain website will be down/unavailable from a certain part of the world. If you had a VPN and could use a connection in the USA for example i bet it would work for you. This can even be down to your specific ISP could have some issues with reaching certain sites.

I definitely need to try experimenting with VPN

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JSO wrote on 2020-02-01, 15:57:

Also try to change your default DNS servers. Maybe your Internet provider blocks some websites worldwide.

I was just going to suggest something to this affect.

in command prompt you want to try:
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns

Just note that this is going to also reset the internal ip address of your machine on your local network. If its still not working clear your browser cache.

I assume its not blocked by your ISP as you said it was working for you at some point, but I suppose stranger things have happened.