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So, in my quest to streamline my DOS Dooming experience as much as possible, I've decided to take another crack at finding a good WAD launcher for vanilla. Preferably one with a UI, as that feels more like a real frontend. Doom-It 5.9, A Superior Front End, and D!Zone 2.0 beta all cut it super close, but they all have their own problems that make them a no-go for me. Doom-It 5.9 can't specify hacked exes, Superior Front End just gives errors when trying to load patches, and D!Zone 2.0 also has issues loading patches, not to mention it's unstable as hell.

So, I guess I should just put down the things I'm looking for in a frontend.

- graphical interface
- dehacked support
- show WADs in a list for selection
- can specify vanilla/hacked exes
- ...actually works

If any of you know of a launcher that fits this description, be sure to share