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Does anyone have any experience with attempting to script or automate game installs for things like Id's DEICE (Doom, Heretic, Hexen)?

I've been playing around with putting DOS games (with DOSBox) in a Docker container so that when the container starts, it runs the game automatically, sort of like the experience with streaming games over at archive.org. I was hoping to script the installation so that I can build the container image on the fly. For simple games which do not have an installer, this is pretty straightforward: source the game, stuff it in the container, and add a dosbox conf file to autoexec the game.
But, this is a bit more difficult in games that came on a CD and which must be installed (e.g. Warcraft, Warcraft II, Heretic, Hexen) before they can be run.

Any thoughts on how one might pull this off?


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This sounds nice! I've been working on doing something similar for OSes (DOS, Windows 3.1/3.11, Windows 9x/Me) plus their drivers. It's meant trying to find AutoHotkey-alikes, or in the case of Windows 95 RTM, just hacking AutoHotkey itself.

I haven't tried automating those particular installers, but I have automated the Sound Blaster 16 installer. I used the "SCANCODE" tool from http://bretjohnson.us/ That guy is probably most famous for developing some fancy USB UHCI TSR drivers.

Here is my working batch file for the SB16 install:

REM Use SCANCODE From bretjohnson.us for installing Sound Blaster drivers.
REM Note that the "A WORD FROM THE SPONSOR" section of SCANCODE.DOC 5.00
REM restricts redistribution without prior permission.

scancode WaitForText 16,9 "To install the Audio Software now, press ENTER", Enter
scancode WaitForText 6,7 "The following path will be used for installing the Audio Software", Enter
scancode WaitForText 6,7 "The following settings will be used for installing the Audio Software", Enter
scancode WaitForText 6,5 "The following lines will be added to your system files", Enter

REM It's 'If "Backup" is selected..." but I don't know how to escape quotes:
scancode WaitForText 16,31 "is selected, the backup file will be", Enter, Repeat
scancode WaitForText 6,6 "Software installation completed", F10


REM In case the installer was exited without rebooting:
scancode /uninstall