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Xcom : UFO Defense on CD (CD-i)

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The install file is under E:\UFO. Unfortunately, I do not see how DOSBox has the ability to run that file.

Alright, mount E E:\ is the syntax. I am using DOSBox X.

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Reply 7 of 20, by BardBun

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General Midi in Xcom games. <- Midi-Fix

To change the midi device type

mixer /listmidi

into DOSBox and then change the number at


in the DOSBox config file to whatever device you want to use.

Keep in mind though, UFO sounds best using the SB16/AdLib settings.

Every other option, this includes MT-32, GUS, etc. will sound inferior.

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Reply 8 of 20, by dnewhous

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What about the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth? Shouldn't that work with DOSBox X by default?

K, I'm snarfing halfling weed or something. There is no sound canvas mode. It works much better in General MIDI mode than OPL2 mode. So there are no worries. It's kind of nice that DOSBox X does OPL3 emulation, it's so much better than regular DOSBox.

There is a place to offer soundfont emulation. I suppose that's the upgrade path.

It's curious that it has essentially a Soundblaster Pro music mode without a Soundblaster 16 music mode.

2021-03-04 15_40_52-DOSBox-X 0.83.10, 3000 cycles_ms, SETUP.jpg
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The way I get General MIDI to work is from setup.exe.

Gm.dls is version 1.00.16, it sounds a little better than expected.

The original DOS version of this game is hard to find. Does anyone know when it came out?

This version is on Mobygames

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Reply 10 of 20, by DosFreak

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Something is nonsense here, games released on CD in 1994 are not if that is what you were implying.
I haven't bothered to check my collection to see when the game was released on CD.
I'm not sure why you would bother posting this here. If it's wrong then correct it.

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Reply 13 of 20, by dnewhous

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I was trying to match one of the platform titles at Mobygames. They didn't have a separate designation for DOS CD from the beginning but they have used it.

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Reply 16 of 20, by xcomcmdr

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That's correct, but there are more release than that.

Amiga AGA (floppy) and DOS Floppy release in 1994.

Then later :
Amiga CD32 (CD)
Windows 95 CD ("Gold") release
Steam digital download release (which uses the DOS and Win9X releases)
PSX release

Possibly more that I forgot, but I doubt it.

Reply 17 of 20, by HandOfFate

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I've played the game on an Amiga 500 so there must be a non-AGA version of it, too.

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