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I have a the following old dos 6.22 pc
Am5x86 133mhz
ASUS pvi-486sp3
S3 virge 325 2mb
32mb fpm
Creative awe 32 ct3900
3com network card

Now when I want to play games like FIFA 97 or Duke Nukem 3D Atomic under dos 6.22 I get

File size
1.79 MiB
File license
Fair use/fair dealing exception

This mistake. He throws both FIFA 97 and Duke Nukem 3D Atomic back to dos after about a minute with this error. Games without dos4gw work fine and High Seas trader that also uses dos4g also works fine. I haven't tried more games with dos4gw from the time of Duke Nukem 3d and FIFA 97. If more information is needed I can provide it.

Who knows what's going on here and knows what I need to do to fix this

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I believe you can always use a newer version of DOS4GW. I had some issues with Syndicate, which was notoriously bundled with a buggier version of DOS4GW, and dropping in the latest version fixed it right up.

Here is the link at a Syndicate fansite. I believe I went with DOS4GW 2.01a.

Win95/DOS 7.1 - P233 MMX (@2.5 x 100 FSB), Diamond Viper V330 AGP, SB16 CT2800
Win98 - K6-2+ 500, GF2 MX, SB AWE 64 CT4500, SBLive CT4780
Win98 - Pentium III 1000, GF2 GTS, SBLive CT4760
WinXP - Athlon 64 3200+, GF 7800 GS, Audigy 2 ZS

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Can someone explain to me how to update the DOS4GW version in Red Alert and Duke Nukem 3D? I downloaded the latest version 2.01A. I then get a DOS4GW.EXE file, what should I do with it? There is no DOS4GW.EXE in the installation directory to replace it with.

In FIFA97 there is a DOS4GW file in the Installation directory but when I replace it with the newer version I get the error that DOS4GW.EXE is a different size than expected

Who can help me to solve this?