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Help getting Battle Arena Toshinden working with a Glide wrapper inside Win98/ME

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hi, i've been trying to get this port to work on real hardware, i built this pc mainly for old windows games that refuse to run properly on modern versions of windows and some very late era dos games, and some tools like music trackers that, while not hard to run on modern hardware, i think sound better and feel better to use on real hardware, the catch with this game has been that, either the wrapper i was trying to use (Glidos) would give me a "C:\Game.bat" not found type of error (i've wiped my installation clean, so i dont remember exactly what the error said), or if i used a wrapper that worked inside windows, the game would crash to desktop after exiting the menus and going into a match, i was about to try to run the game in DOS mode after installing the drivers for CD and mouse, but i want to see if there's any solution anyone knows about that can work better than whatever insane idea i have

recommendations for wrappers that behave well inside windows and DOS (preferrably with openGL) are most appreciated

specs just in case

Intel Pentium III 600EB (im about to change it to a 1000E, because tbh the 600eb blows)
256mb of PC133 SDRAM (trying to track down an additional stick for the full 512mb)
Intel D815EEA2 motherboard
MSI NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700
Soundblaster Audigy 1

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BAT can't use wrapper. The glide code is in the *.exe (static linking).
You must use a real hardware to play this game. Or emulate this hardware.

P.S. Try Ykhwong's DOSBox or similar (with glide=emu support).

Asus P4P800 SE/Pentium4 3.2E/2 Gb DDR400B,
Radeon HD3850 Agp (Sapphire), Catalyst 14.4 (XpProSp3).
Voodoo2 12 MB SLI, Win2k drivers 1.02.00 (XpProSp3).

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DOSBOX ece is configured for this without a wrapper. evidenced in comments of a youtube video.

On a windows computer newer than 95/98
you may be able to get the game to run by doing the following:
A. using nglide. https://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide
B. Using Microsoft How to make your own game patch?
1) Download and install Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit.
2) Run Compatibility Administrator.
3) Click 'Fix' button. Enter game name and browse game exe file.
4) In the 'Compatibility Fixes' dialog try selecting some of these fixes:
'CorrectFilePaths', 'EmulateGetDiskFreeSpace', 'GlobalMemoryStatusLie', 'EmulateDirectDrawSync', 'EmulateEnvironmentBlock', 'EmulateHeap', 'EmulateFindHandles', 'SingleProcAffinity'.
Make sure you have 'DisableBoostThread' fix unchecked.
5) Save your patch to *.sdb file.
6) Create install batch file (PatchInstall.bat with command: sdbinst.exe -q "%CD%\yourpatch.sdb").
7) Create uninstall batch file (PatchUninstall.bat with command: sdbinst.exe -u -q "%CD%\yourpatch.sdb").

C. They have been working on new glide cards.
D. Daum version of dosbox may have had support for this.
E. It might have a software mode.