Need for Speed 4 stuttering

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Need for Speed 4 stuttering

Postby Azarien » 2017-11-11 @ 13:45

I'm trying to run NFS Road Challenge (aka High Stakes) on Core 2 Quad Q6600 and Radeon HD7850.

I am unable to run the game on Windows XP at all - I'm getting the "Need For Speed files corrupted. Please reinstall" message.
The game does however run on Windows 10 (in Windows XP compatibility mode, to make things more puzzling).

Unfortunately, there is significant stuttering (about once a second) that I cannot get rid of. I tried low res (640x480), hi res (1600x1200), low details, high details, triple buffering on/off, forcing antialiasing on/off, anisotropic filtering - the problem persists whether I set everything to slowest settings and to fastest settings.
Running the game through affinity.exe to force it to single core does not seem to change anything.
Neither does using dgVoodoo 2 - again, in various resolutions and quality settings.

I am starting to thing this may be not an issue with graphics card at all, but rather the CPU being too fast - is this a known issue with NFS4?
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Re: Need for Speed 4 stuttering

Postby Osprey » 2017-11-12 @ 01:22

Have you tried the various patches? ... igh_Stakes

I'd particularly try the "Stock Pack" patch.
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Re: Need for Speed 4 stuttering

Postby chinny22 » 2017-11-17 @ 14:10

NFS4 was what actually got me back into retro computing!
Its actually due to WinXP more then hardware. I tried for a bit with various patches and failed so installed Win98 on a old P4 and called it a day.
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