How do I screen record with Windows 95?

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How do I screen record with Windows 95?

Postby dickkickem » 2018-6-13 @ 22:51

I finally got my hands on a Windows 95 laptop, and I want to make gameplay videos with it. I've seen people benchmark old computers and such with screen recording software, and I want to know how to do this, and what software they did it with.

How do I do so?
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Re: How do I screen record with Windows 95?

Postby leileilol » 2018-6-13 @ 22:55

Another computer and a way to capture VGA (expensive) or svideo (relatively inexpensive but worse quality and a limited support for resolutions, some laptops have svideo out)
by the way, DOSBox is not for running Windows 9x
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Re: How do I screen record with Windows 95?

Postby BeginnerGuy » 2018-6-13 @ 23:03

It can get a bit costly if you want to do VGA recording, obviously you'll need a modern desktop for a capture's the route I went: ... ge_o00_s00
VGA to HDMI, another user posted a thread about using this on his 4k TV so I grabbed one... 30 USD. It works surprisingly well with 320x200 and other unusual resolutions I've tried with games or programming (mode x). ... B007UXJ6LE
Avermedia C985.. I got mine used on ebay for 65 USD, they are quite ubiquitous on ebay these days as streamers are going after 1080P/60FPS cards. But you get the idea.

My favorite perk about it is that when I'm not recording, I can put my DOS machine on my living room TV via HDMI and play Ultima from the couch at unfathomable screen sizes :cool:
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Re: How do I screen record with Windows 95?

Postby Jo22 » 2018-6-18 @ 11:04

"How do I screen record with Windows 95?"
Use a VHS camcorder. It's period-correct. :cool:

(Seriously, though: Some S3 graphics cards had CVBS/S-Video out.
Since you're using a laptop, there are also VGA to CVBS/S-Video boxes.
You can then grab these signals with those cheap VHS to PC adapters from the 2000s)

Edit: Writing fixed.
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Re: How do I screen record with Windows 95?

Postby bregolin » 2018-6-18 @ 18:48

There used to be an old screen capture software called HyperCam- though I don't think it would be capable of capturing full screen gameplay footage, but one could try :)
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Re: How do I screen record with Windows 95?

Postby ATauenis » 2018-6-18 @ 20:19

SnagIt 5.0 can record AVIs too.
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Re: How do I screen record with Windows 95?

Postby Stiletto » 2018-6-29 @ 14:23

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Re: How do I screen record with Windows 95?

Postby Deksor » 2018-6-29 @ 15:45

VGA to composite/svideo are quite inexpensive as well, I can record any old computer with that
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