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I just reinstalled my PC with windows 7 x64 edition and went to http://www.oldunreal.com to install the latest multimedia packs available there, both for my Unreal Anthology and the separate Unreal Tournament pack.

Since I have a SB X-Fi, I want to enjoy the positional audio these games are offering, but I don't seem to be able to get the included openAL additions to work. What is the workaround for this? Do I still need some other patches/fixes?

Thanks for your help and insight into all this! 😀

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for ut you want the eax enhancemant packs

Unreal Tournament EAX Library Patch
Unreal Tournament Deathmatch EAX Enhancements
Unreal Tournament Capture the Flag EAX Enhancements

http://uk.gamespot.com/pc/action/unrealtourna … /downloads.html

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I'm still an avid UT 2004 player and when I switched to Win7 64 my frames nearly cut in half at certain times, never could figure out a solution. I dual boot Win7 and XP now, XP just when I play UT.

I know this doesn't really help you but it could be a possible solution, dual booting Win7 and XP is easy IF you install XP first...