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Recently, I played the uniformly bad "X-com: Enforcer" (by did it suck, bringing down the X-com series to an all-time low). I played it for only about 3 minutes before uninstalling it, vowing never to play it again - but something good came from the ordeal: I was reminded of a game I used to love playing, an Win '95 game called "Slave Zero". Hooked as I am on big-robot-mecha-anime, I decided to try and locate the game.

I get ahold of the game, and an update.

I install the game, and try to execute the EXE file...

I find that it by some reason doesn't detect the CD, even though it is an original. I get a cd-crack.

An error. Standard WinXP error.

Now, the demo works fine, but the game itself doesn't.

What the Heck is going on?

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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QuillOmega0 wrote:

Weird I got the same game and it runs fine...
What disc drive, OS, do you run?

Check my profile, it's all there... Windows XP professional, drive F: ...

I've been reading up - apparently, the SafeDisc copy protections sometimes fucks up completely, as in refuses to run a game even if it's original... The problem isn't even consistent. Most SafeDisc games I have work out fine...

Also, i've heared SafeDisc is harmful to your CD-drive... Great. *curses loudly and the game companies*

Anyways, a solution:

Get UnSafeDisc and crack the game. Run the resulting "testme.exe" with a win '98 compatiblility mode.

You can play for several minutes before the sound begins to f*ck up. When it does, save and exit. If you continue, gave will crash within a minute.