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Hey guys, this is my first post on this forum and I'm looking for some help.

First off, I know absolutely nothing about computers 🤣, so with that being said idk if anyone's gonna be able to help.

My prob is I can't get Shogo to install on my Windows 7 computer. I searched the threads and this one...Shogo MAD on Win7, explains how to do it. ZellSF explains what to do but exactly how do I go about doing that? Like what buttons, icons, commands, etc... do i click or type to do what ZellSP posted? Any help or suggestions would be seriously appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I've gotten Blood II: The Chosen, which is very similar to Shogo: Mobile Armor Division to work on x64 Windows through simply copying the files over from the drive. You'll have to use universal extractor on the 16-bit installer files to get the registry keys though.

It's alot easier to just find a XP or earlier 32-bit machine, install the game on there and copy it over to your 64-bit system.

Sometimes I wonder why Microsoft decided to dump the 16-bit subsystem.

Hope I was of some help. Also do *not* attempt to play the game in high resolutions. It will crash.

EDIT: To answer your question because I just noticed what you were asking.

Navigate explorer to your D:\ drive, or whatever drive you have the Shogo disc inserted.

Next, go to your C:\ drive or wherever you wish to install the game, make a shogo folder.

Go back to the CD-ROM directory and copy the folders he mentioned in his post.

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