"Welcome to the Future" with modern Windows?

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"Welcome to the Future" with modern Windows?

Postby phly95 » 2017-11-12 @ 16:35

So this game was designed so closely to windows 3.1, that NTVDM crashes when turning, dosbox turns to slow and occasionally crashes, 86box also crashes, and PCem requires a powerful PC to avoid slowdown. What if I want to run it on my tablet though? Seems like a simple game on the surface, but it runs like Crysis on a Pentium 3.

PS: both VMware and virtualbox also crash trying to run this game.
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Re: "Welcome to the Future" with modern Windows?

Postby ZellSF » 2017-11-13 @ 11:17

I probably can't help you, but anyone who could would need a lot more information on what sort of errors you're getting and the environment you're trying to run in (both guest and host computer).
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Re: "Welcome to the Future" with modern Windows?

Postby Jo22 » 2017-11-13 @ 15:33

Fascinating game! It looks a bit like Mysth. Sadly, I never played it, though. Sorry.
If it is using QuickTime, like Myst did, chances are good it could run in Windows 3.1 Standard Mode then.
Standard Mode (Win /2) is more robust, but sadly not all 256 colour drivers do support it.
Anyway, if you manage to tweak DOSBox a bit (>different SVGA), it could run good enough there.

PS: both VMware and virtualbox also crash trying to run this game.

As ZellSF said, we need to know a bit more about the details in order to help you.
Especially Windows 3.x Enhanced Mode is not very happy with modern x64 processors (not to mention Win32s).

If you can, try toggling the settings for AMD-V or Intel-VT. As far as I know, Win32s requires them.
Windows 98, however, seems to get unstable with them (have to double cfheck).

As a workaround, you could try to load EMM386. It did wonders with DOS-based VMs last time I checked.
Probably, because Real-Mode is hard to handle for virtualizers and EMM386 does switch the VM to V86 all the time.
Not sure how much this does help a Windows 3.1x VM, though. Maybe using the FastDisk driver or SmartDrive also has a similar effect.

Anyway, you could still trying to use Qemu with Kqemu. I did that long ago and it worked for me.

Edit: Why is this game rated USK 18 ? ;)
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Re: "Welcome to the Future" with modern Windows?

Postby phly95 » 2017-11-14 @ 06:32

While I haven't tried qemu yet, something interesting is the hide87 workaround doesn't work with this game. Running it with a VMware Windows 10 32bit with hide87 leads to a divide by zero error (instead of the fredrox general protection fault which seems to happen in various cases, including in windows ME, and maybe 98SE), and I theorize that the CPU is so fast that it gets rounded down to zero. Still, of all the other options, Virtualized Windows 10 gets the farthest, other than running it in one of the slower emulators.

Not to say that the slower emulators are poorly optimized, in fact, I think this game must be really poorly optimized to have ended up in this state.
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